You Gotta Be Kicking Me

Watching Josh Brown whole heartedly admit that he has and does abuse his wife is one of the sickest things I’ve ever seen. The New York Giants has James Eagan Holmes as their starting kicker, and I’m glad he’s been placed on mandatory leave.

The NFL has always been an organization that has swept domestic violence under the rug. Had that elevator video of Ray Rice not been released he’d still be the starting tailback for the Baltimore Ravens. Josh Brown has admitted he’s wrong but apparently this was an ongoing investigation for years.

Josh Brown wrote in an email, “I objectified women and never really worried about the pain and hurt I caused them.” Honestly admitting there is a problem is never the obstacle here. The problem is that what is out of sight is out of mind, and that an apology seems to clean the slate of all those negatively involved.

Had a video of Josh Brown physically abusing his wife been released, he would’ve been dropped, and shipped, to sit on a living room couch next to Peyton Manning. The only difference between this and the Ray Rice situation is visual evidence.

Knowing that Brown treats women like Tyson treats opponents, the Giants still signed him during the offseason for a two-year $4 million deal. In August, owner John Mara stated, 

“I believe all the facts and circumstances, and we were comfortable with our decision to re-sign him.” 

You were comfortable? How could you possibly be comfortable knowing that your kicker kicks more then footballs?

If Josh Brown is not suspended indefinitely I’ll be pissed. A NFL player should not get a slap on the wrist. Police records have revealed that Josh Brown is a man capable of domestic violence. Josh Brown has admitted that he has endured in domestic violence. All I’m waiting for is the NFL to agree and let this man loose. Unfortunately, I will have to look for another fantasy kicker, but so be it. I wouldn’t have picked him up anyway if I knew where he’d gotten all his strength from.


Don’t Drink And Self-drive

On Wednesday, Tesla Motors announced that their selection of cars will be the first chosen to have acquired a new hardware that allows their cars to drive themselves. You are no longer operating the vehicle your children are riding in, Siri is. 

This new hardware has been tested and apparently operates better than your average driver. Although there have been a few accidents, CEO Elon Musk ensures that the product is life proof.

“It’s all Tesla Vision software, we’re not using any third party software for the vision procession,” 

Musk said on a conference call with USA Today reporters.

The method of self-driving has been very popular over the last couple of years; but like all machines, they do have flaws. An operating system might not be able to dodge a bag of trash in the middle of the highway going 40 mph. Those are instincts only we humans possess. 

Not only is the perfection of self-driven cars a myth, but who’s to blame in light of an accident, Tesla Motors? Insurance claims are going to sky rocket because Siri thought you said left instead of right. 

In all seriousness, these cars have eight cameras on them, and a radar system that provides data on surrounding vehicles. 

Tesla states,

“that the forward-facing radar with enhanced processing provides additional data about the world on a redundant wavelength, capable of seeing through heavy rain, fog, dust and even the car ahead”

All of that sounds great but does Teslas’ Autopilot have an I’m running late to work feature? 30 mph is going to cut it if I want to keep my job. 

These self-driving cars are for the older generation. It’ll take a few decades for the operating system to be perfected. In my late 70s, I’ll be able to sit back in my Tesla 55 and finish my beloved crossword puzzles.

I Was Practically Sleep The Whole Debate

The time to vote for your favorite candidate is getting closer and I can’t pack my bags fast enough. Lord knows other countries are watching these presidential debates laughing, as if they’re sitting in on a Katt Williams comedy special.

As the clocks ticks, as Donald Trump flaunts this so called “locker room talk”; who talks like that in a locker room anyway? Time is running out. A one-way flight to Costa Rica is $489 and that’s without tax. I suggest all of you start saving up, immediately.

Whoever is elected, Clinton, Trump, Stein, Kanye West; I will be able to tell this survival story, if I survive, to my grandkids, if I have any. The topics we love as individuals are becoming gimmicks. Politics seem to be on its last leg. The music industry exposes us to a new artist everyday. And who cares about the World Series? The rich are getting richer and the poor are practically dead.

Hillary has been coughing this entire election. And Trumps’ eyelids look like tablecloths glued onto two golf balls. As a reader of the New York Times, I ask, when is enough enough? There is a new twist, a new fact, a new videotape everyday; I’ve had enough.

The policies of both these candidates have dramatically changed over the course of this election. Clinton is on tape categorizing black people as super-predators. America was never great. Trump is a cowardly old man that dodges more questions than a Love and Hip Hop reality star.

When my ballot is placed there will be at least 20 monkeys that lift off of my shoulders. As Americans we are tired. This election is like taking a handful of shots in a room full of unattractive women. Although you do not want to go home with one of them, you have no chance, they’re the only women in the bar.

Try And Pull Me Over

High speed chases are bound to skyrocket due to the behavior of these officers that are sworn to protect. There is no longer this thing called a normal traffic stop. A busted headlight can end your life. A gesture to reach for your registration, gives an officer confidence to release five warning shots in your chest. A gesture? Officers are shooting young men and women for gestures, but a bomb suspect can be survive a shootout. 

I just made a twitter and I’m already thinking about deleting it. Every time I check what’s trending there’s a new name. Another African American man, boy, toddler, that has lost his life. A mere traffic stop. I never have and never will call the police to assist me. You can rob me, break into my house, steal all my leftovers. I’m going to dig into my savings account, and take out the money needed to fix my property. I try my best to stay clear from any officer, black, white, asian, it doesn’t matter. If you have a badge on, good day and stay away.

A retired officer spoke with me the other day and he said,

There’s always been police brutality. Always. But I’ve never seen them kill so easily.

Preach, brother, preach. Are police officers bored? Is there a kill quota a precinct has to reach before they level up? Do officers get vacation time? And if not, do they kill because they know they’ll be on paid administration leave? 

Growing up, you are told to respect and make limited movements when approached by officers. Having your hands in the air is not good enough. Honestly, we have to be real with society. A black man with nubs for arms could get shot and the officer will say, “He was reaching for my gun.” 

Getting shot for a gesture is getting shot because the color of your skin. Getting pulled over is no longer an option. I’m riding with a full tank of gas because who knows when I’ll have to drive miles to save my life. I may not get away but bail money is cheaper then funeral money. 

The fact that this has become an everyday thing is ridiculous. I’m tired of writing posts about police brutality, white America, Donald Trump. I’m tired. We are all tired. We [African American] people have been resilient long enough. My Camry is 2000 years old and has 1.2 million miles on it, but I’m willing to push her to the limit if I’m ever pulled over. Y’all got me out here getting my oil changed once a week, just in case.

The Beauty of Obsession

There happens to be human beings who deal with trials and tribulations with no sort of meditation. Those individuals are not human, aliens are alive and well, and they are among us. If life continues to throw you curveballs, and you continue to use the same form of meditation, you are obsessed.

Being a writer, I am obsessed with self-expression. Personally my self-expression is not what intrigues me, it is other people’s work that make my eyes water and my heart drop. Self-expression is everywhere, rather it is presented in a visual form or a musical form, it is alive.

Likewise obsession is a word that tends to rub individuals the wrong way. Usually obsession is linked to a clingy ex-boyfriend or a Tinder soul mate. These instances of obsession can be horrible but they are nonetheless beautiful in there own sense.

The inability to live without is the inability to live at all. Take away a writer’s pen, take away a pianist piano, or take away a basketball player’s basketball, and tell them to live. You are left with nothing but a body. Although the muscles still move and the heart still pumps, there is no room left for life.

A poem a day doesn’t make one obsessive. Listening to people talk and it rings like poetry is obsession. My little brother once stated, that his love for the grind [football] is his love for the game. When the pain feels good, you’re obsessed. Running suicides is not Sunday evening relaxing, but that’s the difference, he [my little brother] would rather be in the game then watching it.

Obsession is truly beautiful when used in the proper context. Self-expression is my obsession; therefore I am incapable of letting my feelings wonder. Just let it go, turned into just write it down, and just write it down, turned into read it to me, and read it to me, turned into just say it. Although my words my not come out as filtered as you want them to, you have to respect the nature behind my obsession.

Airpods or Earrings

Apple’s new Airpods completely defeat the purpose of having headphones. Headphones grant peace, once both buds are placed into the user’s ears, it indicates to any distraction do not bother me.

People are worried about losing their Airpods, but I’m worried about the crackhead that keeps tapping my shoulder, because he wants to know where my fancy earrings came from.

Apple is known for innovation. Without Apple, we’d all still have flip phones and horrible selfies. But unfortunately there’s a thin line between innovation and stupidity. 

No headphone jack is not the way to go. Bluetooth has grown tremendously over the last couple of years, but it has not been perfected. A simple movement of your phone can turn Beyonce’s Formation into a hymnal of static.

Although nobody agrees with Apple’s new innovation, when have they ever been wrong? Apple is like that mother that warns you not to eat greasy food because you’ll get sick, you eat it, and guess what, you get sick.

There are no reasons to upgrade to the iPhone 7. Any later version of the iPhone 5s will do any user justice. Apple has yet to provide users with the features they so desperately need. The iPhone 7 looks nice, bet it feels wonderful, and the battery lasts even longer, but no headphone jack. Ridiculous. 

Write For Yourself

Partynextdoor, great artist. Bryson Tiller, great artist. Tory Lanez, can’t shoot a basketball, but nonetheless a great artist. Jeremih. Has anybody heard his new release Late Nights: Europe? Ridiculous. Jeremih has been releasing hits since Birthday Sex. And till this day my birthday has never been the same. [Sept 2nd]

The ability to write hits for other artists and to build a great body of work for yourself as an artist is amazing. Many artists seem to fall off because most of their quality content is being written for other individuals. Partynextdoor was interviewed by the Rolling Stone and was asked about writing for other artists and stated

It doesn’t make me happy,” he says. “I’m looking for joy. It’s a moment for Rihanna and Drake. I want to invest time in creating moments for myself.

Amen, being an artist, is about expressing yourself, and those emotions seem to have more of a presence when they’re coming from the expressor. 

Jeremih has released a huge body of work but unfortunately he’s overlooked. I’m not quite sure why but he truly is.

Loving the art of music is loving the art of expression. We have artists that just want make a check and to move on. I understand how money can better anybody’s life but money is material. The desire to have a lot of money is like the desire to have a lot of shoes. Once you’ve reached your threshold where do you go?

Jeremih is easily one of my favorite artist because regardless of how much money he’s made writing for other people, he’s saved his emotions for HIS work. 

Nobody has to know a Tupac or Biggie song word for word to be a rapper. But as a student of the game, you have to understand to illustrate the life you live. To save your emotions for yourself and to present those emotions as frequently as possible.