I Thought We Were United

United Airlines is out here snatching people off planes. Who knew slave ships had wings? There is nothing funny about being physically removed from an aircraft, but let’s be honest, that man had no fight in his heart. One little snag and he had given up, allowing himself to be dragged. 

An overbooked plane is nobody’s fault but the airline itself. All those sitting on the plane paid for their tickets, and needed to arrive at their destination as safe as possible. Making room for flight attendants shouldn’t be that hard. Give the employees an iPad and sit them in the bathroom. Honestly, free Wifi, a bathroom, and a few bottles of water will satisfy almost anybody.

I’m convinced that people think it’s still the 80s, when anything and everything you did was just word of mouth. Not any more, there are cameras everywhere. Everybody has cameras. Even babies have cameras. When I was one I was playing in dirt, but the one year olds now are out here temple running and angry birding.

I’m just sick at the fact they choose the man in mom jeans. The man with no heart left to give. Let United Airlines try to drag a Trump supporter off a plane, that video would’ve ended up on Worldstarhiphop. A black women? Lord knows, everybody would have gotten sued. All the pilots would have ended up like Denzel Washington in Flight.

And why did the boot cut jeaned cop feel the need to be involved. Nobody needed his help. I understand the idea to serve and protect, but you able to do that from row 37, sir. The craziest part about this story is that it was a flight from Chicago to Louisville, an hour flight. I repeat, an hour flight. Maybe if it was a 16 or 20 hour flight, I’d show some symphathy, but an hour, completely unnecessary.

All United had to do was to allow the man and the other three individuals to leave with their dignity, pay for their flights, first class, and reimburse their payments due to the inconvenience . You must give customers incentive to grant your request. No man should be dragged against his will. This is why I don’t fly now. I have two fears, snakes on a plane, and being dragged off one against my will.


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