You Might Want To Curse A Little More; It Could Save Your Life.

Who knew dropping the F bomb could say a life? Science has proven that those random outbursts, repeating the vulguar language located in today’s music, and those who constantly stub their toe on a bed that hasn’t moved in years, can now curse in peace.

Keele University, located in Staffordshire, England, did a study where they gathered a group of volunteers and placed their hands in cold freezing water. Those who were allowed to curse, their hands stayed under the water for longer periods of time, comparing to those who weren’t allowed to curse. The water had to be practically ice if you find yourself cursing.

Reseachers found that these phrases triggered an emotional response. The study stated that, 

“swearing increased pain tolerance, increased heart rate and decreased perceived pain compared with not swearing,” 

These phrases have not been documented to relieve stress but the increased pain tolerance is a key. Therefore if you ever find yourself with a bullet wound to the chest, a little knife inside your back, or falling from a cliff, you might want to let out a little swear. This swear might or might not save your life, but a broken bone might not feel so broken if you’re saying fuck every other second.


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