30 For 30 Freestyle

At 30 years old, is it safe to say Drake is the most influential artist of all time? Of course Tupac had bars, of course Biggie was fluent with rhyme schemes, but if we all sit back and look at the craft, who has released a body of work similar to Drakes’? Quentin Miller wasn’t around during Thank Me Later and he sure isn’t going to be around during More Life. The OVO sweatshop is full of great songwriters and before they can even think about leaking a great song Drake snatches it out of their hands and says, “This is going to hurt me way more then it will hurt you”.

It Drake doesn’t write his music, so what, nobody claims that he is the best songwriter, but all-around artist, he’s easily Top 5. Music is about tempo, cadence, melodies, meaning, these are all aspects a songwriter is not able to produce for an artist.

Views is the ideal example when it comes to the artistry that Drake delievers. The third track U With Me? is all cadence and meaning. No matter how cool the rhyme scheme is or how great an artist has used their syllables, it’s all about cadence. The vibes we acquire from these tracks are not beat influenced but they are artists influenced. We, as listeners, sing along to the artist not the beat.

The song Digital Dash is also a great example of Drakes’ cadence. During this time Drake was dealing with a situation involving P.Diddy, and what better way to throw a shot then via record.

I move the game up, I’m reckless                    I’m Harlem shaking through the pressure        I might put Diddy on my next shit                       I might gone fit you in on Wednesday           I’m not here for no pretend shit

Although he’s taken a ton of criticism for not going directly at certain individuals, Drake has always seemed to come out on top. Many artists tend to release music with no type of strategy, no platform, and honestly no content. In a world full of auto-tune and Nae Nae’s it’s great to still have an artist that actually represents something meaningful. 

Thank Me Later, Take Care, Nothing Was The Same, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, What A Time To Be Alive and Views, like c’mon, these are all classic albums. I’m just thankful that when I’m 80 years old, sitting on the porch, and my grandkids start playing some new hip artist named Lil Google Chrome I’ll be able to cut that trash off and say “Listen to this old Drake, now this is real music.”


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