Bring Back Cheaters

There were two shows I use to watch growing up, Cheaters and Cops. If I didn’t see one person I knew on one, I saw somebody on the other. The show Catfish has been out for some time now but I’m pretty sure we all agree that Catfish is an off brand version of Cheaters.

The way my generation is set up, the return of Cheaters would have everybody on edge. Next-door neighbors, aunts and uncles, high school sweethearts, would all find themselves being placed on camera for having an affair.

Cheating has become the new faithful. Cheating is being accepted nowadays. Women are no longer keying cars and trying to stab, they have settled down to less valued objects such as shoes and clothing. A few pairs of ripped jeans is manageable, but a keyed car; I wish she would.

The return of Cheaters would set everybody straight. Back when Jerry Springer was at the hype of his career you saw white people acting cordial. It was because at any moment they could get that call and Jerry is on the other line. Cheaters would have the same affect for relationships.

Men and women will finally start being faithful, not because they’re in love, but because they don’t want to end up facing a camera crew, and a white guy with a microphone.

The last episode of Cheaters aired May 5th, 2015, which isn’t that long ago. A white couple Lucy Wheeler and Austin Carey, Carey being involved with another woman, but who truly cares about this lifeless relationship.

Cheaters needs to return the way Kobe left. I want to see fires. I want to hear shots. I want to see fights, not some white girl run up on her now ex-boyfriend making out with another woman. Whoever writes these Love and Hip Hop scripts need to pack their bags and head over to Bobby Goldsteins’ house so they can figure these new episodes out. 

2017 is closer then we think and what better way to start the new year, then to watch your ex-girlfriend, find out her current boyfriend is cheating on her via television.


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