Try And Pull Me Over

High speed chases are bound to skyrocket due to the behavior of these officers that are sworn to protect. There is no longer this thing called a normal traffic stop. A busted headlight can end your life. A gesture to reach for your registration, gives an officer confidence to release five warning shots in your chest. A gesture? Officers are shooting young men and women for gestures, but a bomb suspect can be survive a shootout. 

I just made a twitter and I’m already thinking about deleting it. Every time I check what’s trending there’s a new name. Another African American man, boy, toddler, that has lost his life. A mere traffic stop. I never have and never will call the police to assist me. You can rob me, break into my house, steal all my leftovers. I’m going to dig into my savings account, and take out the money needed to fix my property. I try my best to stay clear from any officer, black, white, asian, it doesn’t matter. If you have a badge on, good day and stay away.

A retired officer spoke with me the other day and he said,

There’s always been police brutality. Always. But I’ve never seen them kill so easily.

Preach, brother, preach. Are police officers bored? Is there a kill quota a precinct has to reach before they level up? Do officers get vacation time? And if not, do they kill because they know they’ll be on paid administration leave? 

Growing up, you are told to respect and make limited movements when approached by officers. Having your hands in the air is not good enough. Honestly, we have to be real with society. A black man with nubs for arms could get shot and the officer will say, “He was reaching for my gun.” 

Getting shot for a gesture is getting shot because the color of your skin. Getting pulled over is no longer an option. I’m riding with a full tank of gas because who knows when I’ll have to drive miles to save my life. I may not get away but bail money is cheaper then funeral money. 

The fact that this has become an everyday thing is ridiculous. I’m tired of writing posts about police brutality, white America, Donald Trump. I’m tired. We are all tired. We [African American] people have been resilient long enough. My Camry is 2000 years old and has 1.2 million miles on it, but I’m willing to push her to the limit if I’m ever pulled over. Y’all got me out here getting my oil changed once a week, just in case.


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