Airpods or Earrings

Apple’s new Airpods completely defeat the purpose of having headphones. Headphones grant peace, once both buds are placed into the user’s ears, it indicates to any distraction do not bother me.

People are worried about losing their Airpods, but I’m worried about the crackhead that keeps tapping my shoulder, because he wants to know where my fancy earrings came from.

Apple is known for innovation. Without Apple, we’d all still have flip phones and horrible selfies. But unfortunately there’s a thin line between innovation and stupidity. 

No headphone jack is not the way to go. Bluetooth has grown tremendously over the last couple of years, but it has not been perfected. A simple movement of your phone can turn Beyonce’s Formation into a hymnal of static.

Although nobody agrees with Apple’s new innovation, when have they ever been wrong? Apple is like that mother that warns you not to eat greasy food because you’ll get sick, you eat it, and guess what, you get sick.

There are no reasons to upgrade to the iPhone 7. Any later version of the iPhone 5s will do any user justice. Apple has yet to provide users with the features they so desperately need. The iPhone 7 looks nice, bet it feels wonderful, and the battery lasts even longer, but no headphone jack. Ridiculous. 


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