Write For Yourself

Partynextdoor, great artist. Bryson Tiller, great artist. Tory Lanez, can’t shoot a basketball, but nonetheless a great artist. Jeremih. Has anybody heard his new release Late Nights: Europe? Ridiculous. Jeremih has been releasing hits since Birthday Sex. And till this day my birthday has never been the same. [Sept 2nd]

The ability to write hits for other artists and to build a great body of work for yourself as an artist is amazing. Many artists seem to fall off because most of their quality content is being written for other individuals. Partynextdoor was interviewed by the Rolling Stone and was asked about writing for other artists and stated

It doesn’t make me happy,” he says. “I’m looking for joy. It’s a moment for Rihanna and Drake. I want to invest time in creating moments for myself.

Amen, being an artist, is about expressing yourself, and those emotions seem to have more of a presence when they’re coming from the expressor. 

Jeremih has released a huge body of work but unfortunately he’s overlooked. I’m not quite sure why but he truly is.

Loving the art of music is loving the art of expression. We have artists that just want make a check and to move on. I understand how money can better anybody’s life but money is material. The desire to have a lot of money is like the desire to have a lot of shoes. Once you’ve reached your threshold where do you go?

Jeremih is easily one of my favorite artist because regardless of how much money he’s made writing for other people, he’s saved his emotions for HIS work. 

Nobody has to know a Tupac or Biggie song word for word to be a rapper. But as a student of the game, you have to understand to illustrate the life you live. To save your emotions for yourself and to present those emotions as frequently as possible.


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