What Memes Really Mean

We’ve all lived different lives. We’ve all had different experiences. But memes have given us all a since that we’re not alone. Fortunately, my feelings, my body language, and my facial expressions do not have to be described; they can be saved to my camera roll, and used during any conversation.

Memes began growing in popularity during the rise of Twitter. Now, memes have taken over all social media platforms, and it is impossible to use the Internet without seeing any. 

These memes, created by all different types of people, are not only hilarious but have a crazy sense of relatability. These memes capture the exact emotions during almost every situation and it’s truly amazing.

It’s special to realize that you’re not the only person who forgot to take the chicken of out the freezer. Or that everybody makes this hideous stank face when they hear a good song. Or how a simple text in quotation marks can turn an innocent cartoon, Arthur, into a sexualized piece of buffoonery.

Pure genius. 

The best thing about life is knowing that you’re not alone. It’s knowing that your experiences are your own but they are not far from others. Understanding is great and helpful but relating is tremendous.

Memes give us the opportunity not only to laugh to but accept reality, that you’re not the only person who’s experienced this. The funniest things are the things we’ve all been through, drunk uncles, church services, family competitions, horrible relationships, and the price of textbooks. 

Some memes are awful, some memes are hilarious, but ultimately these memes give us a sense of togetherness. That we both wanted to go to McDonald’s as a kid but didn’t have “McDonald’s money”.


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