That’s Your National Anthem, Not Mine

Nobody is obligated to do anything for anybody. Just because Taylor Swift is one of the highest selling artists of all time, doesn’t mean I’m obligated to listen to her music. I have morals. 

Colin Kaepernick is being slandered for not standing during the National Anthem. My first question is when will every other African American athletes join him? 

A Muslim doesn’t go into a Catholic Church and participates during praise and worship. Those beliefs are not theirs. The National Anthem was written as a poem, by a white man, Francis Scott Key, while he witnessed the British bombing Fort McHenry. 

But people fail to realize that this war, War of 1812, was declared by the United States because Britain supported the Native American tribes in fighting American settlers. So the African and the Native people are suppose to joyfully sing an anthem that was written in their defeat? Ridiculous.

America is so focused on the past that the present will never happen. How can you expect an underprivileged black boy stand and repeat an anthem that doesn’t value him? 

Not everybody that comes to America wants to be American, let alone forced to be American. America is safer, not safe, but safer. Immigrants come to America looking for opprotunity, stability, and security. If in anyway you are threatened that a 40 year-old immigrant who cannot speak English is going to take your job. You are stupid.

These same Americans that are disgusted with Colin Kaepernick are the same individuals that sat during the Brazilian National Anthem in Rio. Those words didn’t apply to you right, so you didn’t acknowledge them.

 Maybe if Drake remixed the National Anthem and put some melody in the chorus, I might clap. But Lord knows I wouldn’t stand. Because those beliefs are not my beliefs. And that war was not my war. Sue me.


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