Inconsistencies In Our Love Life

Great communication is rare. Technology has given us the ability to speak with individuals across the country, without physically touching each other. Prior to my generation, true love was growing up together. True love was walking down the street or meeting your future spouse in high school. Now true love is frequent flyer miles, bus trips, and train rides. 

Nobody is against true love. The only people who hate love are those who’ve experienced some form of it and were left vulnerable. Anyone who’s experienced true love hates it but wouldn’t trade it for the world. But today true love is skewed. 

Accordingly to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, love is a feeling of strong or constant affection for someone. The key word in this definition is constant, not strong, but constant. Constant being staying the same, not changing, happening all the time.

 As humans we get confused because we mistake strong feelings for constant feelings. We fall in love with things that are not constant. Falling in love with the way someone talks is not forever. People move, voices change, and accents fade. 

True love, in reality, is the ability to love a  fading constant endlessly. Nobody is the same forever. Nothing stays the same forever. Time heals and time changes. Arranged marriages work because two people become one. Two individuals grow together and learn about the world, ultimately learning about themselves.

In Coming To America, Oueen Aoleon, played by Madge Sinclair stated

I didn’t like him at first but I learned to love your father. 

That’s all true love is, learning to love. Love at first sight is fictional. You’re beautiful, yes. But it is truly impossible to love based off of physical features alone. That only happens with dogs.

Patience is key. And the easiest way to fall in love, is to love yourself. Keep learning, try loving, and don’t stop living. Akeem lost the love of his life, continued to live, and eventually love came back around. That’s life. Your darkest days are the ones worth living because it can only get brighter from there.


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