November 8th, I’m Gone

Due to these presidential candidates, I have finally decided to order my passport. America is apparently the land of the free and the home of the brave, but unfortunately that is only for a select few.   
No matter the winner, my expectations for the outcome of this country are very low. Clinton is human, she has made mistakes, and will continue to be human. And Trump continues to speak without thinking. Other countries deserve respect, the African American community deserves respect, and the loss of a life is not a platform from which a candidate should develop their campaign.

Ignorance in America is running at an all time high. The reasoning behind these candidates truly baffle me. It is a race. Political views are no longer the forefront on who we choose to run the country. It’s a joke. It’s about who has went to the most black churches. Who’s held the most black babies. And who’s seems to have the best speech. 

Clinton supporters are fragile. Clinton’s campaign is full what ifs. Clinton would be a good president, there is no doubt in my mind. I just question her decisiveness. I question her assertiveness. And I question her reasoning. America is a bully. America runs through other countries like toy trucks in the sand. Will Clinton able to keep that fear floating or will it fade and eventually plunge the United States into a downward spiral.

Trump supporters are very very fragile. Trump supporters fear they’re inferior. They feel they have had everything taken away from them and want it back. Make America Great Again is make America white again. Make America the America we so dear loved, the white America we lost over 20 years ago.

I’m not surprised about the growth of Trump’s campaign. I would truly be surprised if he didn’t win. Clinton has a great political presence but it isn’t strong enough. Sanders, however, was the real threat in this political campaign. Sanders fought for years. Sander slate is practically clean and Sanders had a mind. Bernie Sander’s speeches weren’t ordinary vote for me speeches. Sanders speeches were memos, pep talks, and here’s what I can do for you’s. Obama won because we saw a future a him. The only future I see with either of these candidates end in a disaster.

Trump is the same man that threatened El Chapo and alerted the FBI when he was threatened back. Don’t throw a punch if you’re not willing to get hit. Clinton’s punches may not be as hard, but they’ll land. Trump can throw thousands of punches but let that man get hit one time and it’s over. The only problem is, if he falls we all do. 

Regardless of my vote I’m moving overseas eventually. America is too corrupt. Although it’s hard to find a country that is not corrupt, it’s about the values. America is about who’s the richest and who’s the smartest. I’d rather live in a country where it’s about who’s the healthiest and who’s the purest. Keep grinding and get your money, but by the time you’re 35 you’ll look 70. And I’ll still be relaxing on the beach enjoying my foreign wife and our shitty income.


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