Uber Drivers Don’t Have Manners

With every pro there is a con. With every cause there is an effect. And with every driver there is a pitch. Uber drivers feel they have this personal connection for some reason. 

Cab drivers stopped, asked for the destination, and began driving. Uber drivers stop, ask for the destination, ask would you like to buy some jewelry, ask does your apartment need to be refurbished, or ask do you believe in the most high. I walked in the Uber trying to get a ride, and I left Muslim.

In today’s age, you don’t need a car to get where you need to go. Uber, public transportation, and Pokemon Go has given us all ways to get around. Unfortunately, as effective as Uber is, it’s definitely not my favorite option. Uber’s convenience is great, but it’s the people driving that are ridiculous. 

Uber’s selling point is that anybody can be an uber driver, not at all. Driving other people around takes two things that many people are not capable of, silence and patience. As an Uber rider, you Uber drivers please shut up. I just want to go home. As of right now, I’m not interested in who wrote the Quran. My kitchen sink works perfectly fine, and my mother has enough bracelets.

And then there’s these Uber drivers who are comfortable venting. I’m always willing to help somebody in need, but the fact your girlfriend cheated on you with both of your brothers, is not something I want to hear. Those are stories you put on Twitter or Facebook, not share to an unwanted passenger. Call up Cheaters, submit an application, or email Oprah, anything but cry while we’re going 78 mph on the highway.

Now uber has this thing called carpool, where if you enjoyed the driver talking so much, you get a bonus person to enjoy the conversation with you. I see no benefit in carpooling unless it’s 2am and I’m catching an uber from Atlantic City. Carpool is supposed to save you money, but this itchy crackhead sitting next to me isn’t worth 2 dollars. I’d much rather pay for my time alone in this uber.

Please, if you’re reading this and you’re an uber driver, please just relax. It’s okay to play the radio, but if you must, keep it off stations with tons of commercials. Sometimes I feel as if I’m watching the SuperBowl while on my way to work. Just let me enjoy the ride, keep the conversation quick and simple, and get me there as safe as possible. If you’re able to do so you will easily get 5 stars, but if not, Burger King is hiring.


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