You See What I’m Seeing

Live streaming has not only saved lives but it’s taken them away. These live streaming apps such as Periscope, Livestream, and Ustream, give these individuals an audience. Granted this audience may give a disabled kid the social interaction he or she needs, but it may also give the narcissist the social audience he or she desires. 

Periscope has been in the news lately because of the terrifying activity being publicly viewed by its users. There have been multiple accounts of individuals being raped, abused, or tortured on periscope, as well as a few teens committing suicide live stream. Periscope shouldn’t be faulted for these incidents but they have to be aware of the platform they’re allowing us to use. Although Periscope can come in handy when you’re missing a concert, a baseball game, or your daughter’s event. I don’t think the world is ready for such technology. 

Having an audience makes people do crazy things. You know, as a guy, you might approach a girl you never would’ve approached if your friends weren’t with you. That audience gives you reinforcement to go through with it, whatever the consequence may be. And trust me, there are consequences.

Earlier today I logged into Periscope just to see what everybody was doing. Although Periscope is fairly new, it is linked to Twitter, therefore giving it a large community. I logged in to see a girl crying via live stream. I won’t post her username but she was crying because she had been exposed, meaning she had live streamed herself naked, somebody recorded it, and placed it up as pornography. The female had no clue who had recorded her or when it had happened but she was distraught because her image had been tainted. 

Unfortunately, this is a risk you take when live streaming. Technology is so sophisticated, that you are able to record a live stream. Periscope is easily one of the most weirdest applications I’ve ever used. There are too many fake accounts, too many hackers, and too many people that want clout. Periscope users need to understand that these people see you, they know who you are, and they know where you’re at. I, as an avid social mediaer, am not ready for such a thing. 

Live stream is cool but I won’t be doing it anytime soon. It’s cool to have people watching what you’re watching, but it scares me that I may not know who they are. Periscope is like a private webcam show. You can sit behind your computer, with your fake account, and easily enjoy the show. The world is not ready for that. Not even close.


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