The Real Reason Behind Kevin Hart’s Success 

With “The Secret Life of Pets” making a whopping $103 million in its opening days, I had to ask why. I understand it may be a great movie but why was it so successful. And my only conclusion was because of Kevin Hart.

I may not like his stand-up, but Kevin Hart is easily one of the hardest working celebrities I’ve ever seen. If Kevin Hart isn’t in the gym, he’s promoting his movie, if he’s not promoting his movie, he’s writing a new one. Kevin Hart has perfected a role that is universal; whether that means starring in “Paper Soliders” or an animated children’s movie such as “The Secret Life of Pets”. The reasons for Hart’s success is an easy marketing strategy, be yourself, develop your voice, and stay consistent.

Although Kevin Hart does have writers, he has a voice that is original. The reason Hart’s voice is so original is because it’s his voice. Unfortunately, we live in a world where acting seems to be everybody’s favorite hobby. Whether you’re a cashier, a veterinarian, or a lawyer, acting is involved. Hart has been himself since his acting debut as Shawn in “Paper Soliders”. Although “Paper Soliders”, “Soul Plane”, and “Ride Along” are completely different movies, his character stays primarily the same. Since Hart is a energetic comedian, he’s easy to sell. Adults, teenagers, and kids all find his antics hilarious. And the reason he’s able to pull these antics off on a consistent basis is because that’s who he is as a person.

Once you’ve found yourself, at least some of yourself, your voice will come. Your voice is a reflection of who you are as a person. Therefore your likes and dislikes will mirror your being because they are truly your likes and dislikes. Many writers, actors, and people all over are so consumed with this idea of finding yourself. There’s novels, how to guides, and magazine stories on how to successfully find your voice, when all it is is being yourself. As a writer you need to write how you feel. Your ideas, thoughts, and opinions will resonate with somebody somewhere. Because whether you like it or not, we all go through similar situations, and we all have the same ideas. Why do you think Beyoncé and Adele are so successful, because they echo some many other problems going on throughout other people’s lives.

This has to be the hardest part of being successful and that’s staying consistent. It is not bad to branch off into other territories, but usually when you’re having success in one field, it’s best to stay in that field. Kevin Hart is so marketable just by being himself, that he’s able to stay consistent in any role. Hart is able to appeal to women, men, and children, and this is very unique. Usually, it’s only one, but having an appeal to multiple groups is amazing. If you’re able to make the wife laugh, the husband laugh, and the children laugh, you have a gift on your hands. Use it.


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