Bravo, White America, Bravo

Aries Spears was recently quoted on VladTv saying, “I gotta say to white America, bravo. You guys have pulled off the world’s greatest jedi mind trick on society. Because this notion that black men are to be feared, and black men and black people are scary is hilarious to me. Because historically speaking, white people, you guys have been the most dangerous people on the plant.” Historically speaking, Aries Spears is right on, so why are the police scared of us?

Videos of black men being murdered and white people being arrested are always circulating on the internet. Social media has given these videos a platform to go viral but the outcomes are very different. Police officers become more aggressive, more militant, and have a certain warlike mentality when dealing with black america. There’s been so many murders, that I almost forgot that police officers carry tazers with them; well that is until I see a video of a white man being apprehended. The white man gets taxed, and suddenly I’m reminded that they do carry a taser to stabilize a possible threat. 

These grown men and women are joining the workforce for a paycheck. Elementary school taught us that police officers were suppose to protect and serve. That 911 was to be dialed in case of an emergency. Now 911 is only dialed accidentally. These cops are cowards. These cops see a black man and fear for their life. When historically speaking, white people are more dangerous, and black people are more dangerous to black people. My skin color should not scare you, no matter what I look like. We are all products of our own environment and my environment is black, and if that scares you it’s best to turn in your badge and hand over your gun.

The response, “I thought he had a gun,” should not be allowed to work anymore. Once a police officers has shot an unarmed individual or killed anybody they should be terminated. I’m tired of hearing about the murdered and not the murderer. I don’t care about the workforce, their names, their photograph, and their position should be placed out for public viewing. I do not care about their safety, any other murderer would be on the news front and center, but all society gets to see is that they’re apart of the DallasPD. Maybe if police officers knew that killing a man could potentially ruin their lives, they wouldn’t do it. If you all you do is give your daughter a slap on the wrist for going into the cookie jar, do you really think she’s going to stop? No, but as soon as she gets her toys taken from her she will. Because she’ll realize that there are consequences for certain actions.

Termination is needed in order to improve the workforce. Racism will forever exist but at least test your employees to make sure they don’t get a gun. And for the police officers living with fear, what are you afraid of? We’re human just like you’re human. We feel just like you feel. And we die just like y’all die. There is no reason that a black man should be shot for complying, for selling CDs, or for even having his hands in the air. Police officers manage to stabilize wild animals but are frightened by a 12 year-old black boy. Wow


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